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Artificial Eye Maintenance
A simple guide on how to maintain artificial eyes and prosthetic eyes.

Routine maintenance is essential to maintaining a comfortable effective prosthetic eye. Melbourne Artificial Eyes can assist patients with all levels of maintenance and routine check-ups.

At home maintenance

Many prosthetic eye wearers do no need to remove their prosthetic eye at all, and will leave the prosthetic in place at all times and while sleeping. Other patients find it more comfortable to remove the eye at night and periodically. Basic at home maintenance of your artificial / prosthetic eye is very important to maintain comfort and appearance.
We recommend patients remove their artificial eye and wash the prosthesis with warm water and a very mild soap, such as baby soap once a month, or as required.

Routine Check-ups & Polishing 

Routine check-ups and polishing with your ocularist are essential, and recommended every 6 months. 

The visit to your Ocularist takes approximately 1 hour and will ensure your prosthetic eye and your eye socket are perfectly healthy and providing the best comfort and appearance for you. 
During a routine check-up and polish, our ocularist will conduct a thorough sterile polish of your artificial eye, and remove any build ups and abnormalities from the eye. They will also check for any scratches and abnormalities on the surface of the prosthetic which may cause irritation, which can be easily removed.

The Ocularist will finish by providing a high-shine polish to the prosthetic eye further enhancing the comfort and appearance of the prosthetic. 

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