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 About Melbourne Prosthetic / Artificial Eyes  

Our Process

The team at Melbourne Artificial Eyes are passionate about creating an enjoyable and collaborative experience with our patients, and our team work closely with our patients to ensure the entire process is well explained, comfortable and enjoyable.


Artificial Eyes and Prosthetic Eyes are designed, fitted and manufactured by a highly skilled person, known as an Ocularist. Ocularists can also be referred to as artificial eye consultants, or ocular prosthetists.


At Melbourne Artificial Eyes, our ocularists are highly trained in all types of manufacturing, design, fitting and production of prosthetic eyes and artificial eyes top suit all patient requirements and requests. 


Prosthetic eyes are manufactured in our Melbourne laboratory and clinic by specialist Ocularist. 


Each eye is custom made to suit the individual patient to ensure an exact match of both the visual aspects, including the Iris, Veining and Sclera shading, as well as the physical fit and comfort for the patient.

A new brown prosthetic eye manufactured by an ocularist at Melbourne Artificial Eyes
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How do we make your eye?


Each prosthetic eye manufactured by Melbourne Artificial Eyes is custom made by a trained Ocularist. 

The artificial eye is shaped and moulded from an exact impression of the patient's eye, and is manufactured using medical prosthetic acrylic.

The prosthetic eye is hand painted by the Ocularist and in some cases, also manufactured using digital iris technology.

The process of manufacturing a prosthetic eye for a patient is a collaborative process over two sittings with the Ocularist. 

During this time, the patient has the opportunity to ask their ocularist and artificial eye maker any questions or concerns they may have about their new prosthetic eye.

Maintaining your prosthetic/artificial eye


In general, artificial / prosthetic eyes require very little maintenance. During a the manufacturing and fitting stage, our Ocularist and Ocular Prosthetist will discuss maintenance and cleaning of the artificial eye with the patient and show them how to safely and easily clean and look after their new artificial eye. 

In addition to the basic cleaning required by the patient, we recommend a 6 monthly visit to our clinic to have the eye professionally cleaned and polished

This not only improves the comfort of the eye, but also give the patient and Ocularist an opportunity to discuss the fit and any questions or concerns they may have. 

If an artificial eye is not entirely comfortable or the patient is not completely satisfied, they should call our office immediately and schedule a consultation. There are many different quick and easy solutions our Ocularist and Ocular Prosthetist can do to assist.

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