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Melbourne Ocularist
Ocular Prosthetics and Artificial Eyes

Custom made prosthetic eyes using the latest technology and prosthetic procedures for excellent patient fit and comfort. Our Artificial Eyes are custom made by skilled Ocularists for our patients. 

A light brown artificial eye made by an ocularist from Melbourne artificial eyes in Australia

Custom Made Artificial Eyes

We custom make each and every prosthetic eye by hand, in our Melbourne lab to perfectly match our patient. We use the worlds most advanced materials and practices to match the prosthetic eye to our patient. We run ocular prosthetic clinics in Melbourne, Victoria & NSW.

A green coloured prosthetic eye manufactured by Melbourne Artificial Eyes

World-class Technology

Melbourne Artificial Eyes are passionate about using the world's best materials, products and practices in making our eyes. We work with Ocularists globally, share techniques, skills, materials and equipment to better service our patients

A prosthetic eye being made by an ocularist in plaster during manufacturing by Melbourne Artificial Eyes

Clinic & Laboratory - Melbourne Vic

Our clinic and laboratory is located at;

Mayfair Operating Centre

Level 7

766 Elizabeth Street Melbourne Vic

Phone 03 7037 6159

Who we work with


Melbourne Artificil Eyes provides ocularist and prosthetic eye services for the transport accident commission in australia
Melbourne Artificial Eyes provides ocularist and prosthetic eye services for worksafe victoria in Australia
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Experienced Practice

We are specialist trained Ocularists and Ocular Prosthetists, utilising the best and latest technology to offer our patients outstanding prosthetic eye results and lasting, high quality prosthetics


Emergency Prosthetic Service

Our clinic and lab are open 6 days per week, and phone support is available 7 days a week. 

Our long clinic hours enable us to fit in prosthetic appointments around your commitments and we also run weekend and night clinics in Melbourne.

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Ocularist Hospital Visits

We offer hospital and nursing facility visits when required, across Victoria. We also run regional artificial eye clinics periodically. 

Please contact our clinic to discuss hospital or medical/theatre visits.

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Child & Paediatric Ocularist

Our Ocularist and Ocular Prosthetist have undergone specialist training and have extensive experience in child and paediatric prosthetic manufacturing and fitting. We offer paediatric clinics which offer a warm and inviting clinic for young people, kids and paediatric patients.

We work closely, through 2 consultations to custom make each prosthetic eye for our patients. 

Our Ocularist will shape, paint and mould the eye out of high grade medical prosthetic materials.


To Read more about our manufacturing process click here.


Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation with your ocularist, includes an impression of the eye socket, and supply of a perfectly matching iris. 


Laboratory Manufacture

We then manufacture your custom artificial eye in our state of the art laboratory in Melbourne. Manufacturing usually takes 1 week


Model & Comfort

We create a wax model to perfectly shape the prosthetic for size, comfort and position.


Fitting Consultation

Once your new prosthetic eye is made, we will schedule a fitting consultation, and make any adjustments needed. We will also show you how to insert and remove your eye, as well as how to clean and maintain your new artificial eye.

Our Ocularist process to make a prosthetic eye

A close up brown iris prosthetic eye from Melbourne, Victoria
a map of where to find Melbourne Artificial eyes clinic for prosthetic eye patients
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